Permanent Makeup Reviews

1) I discovered Lindsay’s Permanent Makeup salon while grocery shopping at Safeway which is just a couple doors next to her shop. Lindsay is the owner of the salon. She applied her permanent eyebrows herself, it looks so beautiful on her.
She studied my eyebrow shape, my hair and skin color, and the shape of my face to create the most beautiful natural look for me. My eyebrows used to be just straight across; she totally changed them with a sexy arch and a gradual taper to the outer ends which gives my eyebrows a sleek look. Now, my eyebrows are gorgeous. They never looked as beautiful as they do now, I am very happy with her work. My friends are impressed as well.

I found another permanent make up place offering cheaper work but when it comes to “permanent”, I must have “quality”. By interviewing her and checking out her work, I feel absolutely confident. I am glad I chose her.

Lindsay is experienced and an expert at permanent makeup. Highly recommend!

Tracy D., Portland OR

2)  A few year ago, I had permanent make-up applied on my eyebrows at a beauty clinic in Oregon. The technician used a color that was too dark then toned it down with auburn. It looked fine until it faded and I was left with pink-red color on my eyebrows. A couple of my friends and my aunt commented about it. I had to use eyebrow pencil every day to cover it. Then I found Lindsay. I scheduled a consultation with her as well as a few other artists. I did take time to visit different shops. She is the only person that was truly an “Artist” and “Professional”. She is the best and her artistry and desire to please her customers is unsurpassed. Lindsay, thanks for making my eyebrows “maintenance free”.

Suziann R., Lake Oswego, OR

3) Lindsay, thanks so much for the eyebrows. I love them! Honestly, I was so overwhelmed when I saw them for the first time, I did not know what to say. So please forgive me if I didn’t seem thrilled because I really was and still am! I came home and stared at them in the mirror just like you said I would!

Last night, after stepping out of the shower, I saw the “new me”. You have no idea how great I feel. I know that it may seem silly for eyebrows to be so important, but they truly are.

Marqurette P., Portland, OR

4) My sister and I both have eyeliners done by Lindsay. Now it takes us half of the time to put on make-up in the morning. I have saved so much time and $$$. I don’t need to wear eyeliner products or mascara any more.

Lindsay is outstanding in her technique and has done these procedures for years with responsibility, love and care. If you want a professional that really knows what she is doing and cares for your top notch beauty, go to Lindsay.

Julie T., Camas, WA

5) I love my permanent cosmetics done by Lindsay. As a busy teacher, it is such a time-saver to not need to worry applying makeup each morning or worry about my makeup during the day. I am looking forward to the summer months and vacations feeling like I am already for the day when I get up. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone considering permanent cosmetics.

Wilma D., Gresham, OR

6) I have been a client of Lindsay’s for 9 years. I was afraid to get permanent makeup at first due to pain. However, Lindsay assured me that she only uses the best brand anesthetics and always uses enough of it if (as necessary) to minimize the pain. She was right, the discomfort was kept at bay.

Lindsay is a perfectionist in her work and is so much fun to be around. I love my permanent makeup and always looked made-up with no effort. This gives me extra time to do other things and also makes me feel beautiful under any condition. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting permanent makeup. I would never go to anyone else!

Donna B., Vancouver, WA

7) My thanks and gratitude go to Lindsay for her exceptional permanent cosmetic work. My eyebrows look great and everyone thinks they are natural. When I think of 30 plus years I endured without eyebrows, always penciling or powdering them on and wondering if I had rubbed them off by accident, I don’t know how I did it. I can vigorously workout or windsurf and still can look straight into people’s eyes without worry. It has made an incredible difference in how I feel about myself.

Sheila R., Vancouver, WA

8 ) As a military person I have as little as ten minutes to get ready in the morning and no conventional makeup allowed. I found permanent makeup my only solution. I only expected some additional color to give me the freshened, awakened look and a little definition but it turned out more pretty and perfect than I thought. I think I am so lucky to see Lindsay.

Kendra S., Tacoma, WA

9) I had breast cancer several years ago; that really took a big toll on my self-esteem and mental state. The surgery went well. After that I did have breast reconstruction. That helped but I still needed the last “touch”. My sister-in-law introduced me to Lindsay. Lindsay did a amazing job of restoring my areola’s color.

I have gained so much confidence and I love life more. I couldn’t be happier.

Carol, Portland, OR

10) I moved up here from Atlanta. I used to have eyebrows tattooed with the hair stroke method. Some of my friends thought my eyebrows looked like a Zebra’s skin.  I was new here and did not know where to go. Recently, I saw a waitress at the restaurant where my family went to who had attractive eyebrows. I found out they were tattooed. I was just amazed at  how natural and glamorous they looked.  I got Lindsay’s name from that waitress.

Lindsay used the traditional tattoo method not only even out my eyebrows stripes but also adjust my eyebrows shape, after that my eyebrows are much more natural and sexy.

Thanks Lindsay. You really beautified me.

Maria G., Vancouver, WA

11) I  would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone for a permanent cosmetic “treat”. She has a natural artistic eye for colors, shapes and natural talent to do actual permanent cosmetic detailing. Lindsay is very conscientious about cleanliness and proper protocol when doing permanent cosmetics.

Mary S., Portland, OR

12) Lindsay is a good listener, patient and also determined. She is knowledgeable on what she is doing. She answered thoroughly all my questions. She is very gentle and detailed. She used the most effective anesthetics to numb my eyeliners; I felt just a little discomfort and tickling at times. My skin tone is fair, my hair is blond, my lashes are also blond. I looked so washed out without my permanent makeup eyeliner. I consider myself much more attractive now. Thanks to you, Lindsay!

If I had to do it again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Kay C., Vancouver, WA

13) We had checked many other places and still couldn’t decide until we came to Lindsay’s salon. She showed us her work in her before & after album. She drew my sister’s eyebrows to show us how it would look when it was done. Watching her draw, I felt like she was an expert. This made me more confident. At that point, I thought:”This is what we have been looking for! We found it”.

After that, 7 of us (family, friends and relatives)  had our eyebrows done by Lindsay.

Lily H., Beaverton, OR

14) I had my eyebrows done at a permanent makeup clinic in Mexico last summer. I was supposed to come back for a touch up and adjustment but I hadn’t had a chance to go back. Also, the shape was not flattering so I was not crazy about going back there. I found Lindsay by Google Search. It was called “touch-up” but Lindsay actually transformed it and improved it tremendously.

I love to no longer have the commitment of keeping up my lips restylane refill appointments. It is not cheap and is high maintenance. I like the idea that Permanent Cosmetics will up-size lips permanently for years. Its color isn’t erased after eating or kissing. My next move will be up-sized and colored my lips by Permanent Cosmetics. I will come back to Lindsay.

Laura S., Portland, OR

15) I have a great respect for Lindsay and her amazing talent. Not only have I gotten many compliments on my new eyebrows, but I feel great about myself. The color, shape and size are all perfect!!! It has been a pleasure to get to know Lindsay as well, her personality instantly put me at ease during the procedure that could have potentially been quite stressful. I literally started with only slight brows and wound up with a beauty enhancing look! Her work has really boosted my self esteem. I hope you will take time to look over Lindsay’s photos of “BEFORE AND AFTER”, you will not believe the differences it made!

I would recommend her to all my friends!

Beverly A., Vancouver, WA

16) Lindsay,

Just want to tell you again how much I enjoy my eyebrows everyday, they look so natural and I love the color. You did a beautiful job on the shape, it is better than an eyelift.

I can’t tell you how much time and trouble this has saved me in getting ready to go out and also after swimming…I don’t have to spend half an hour every morning standing in front of the mirror to draw my eyebrows anymore.

My husband is happy for me. I love them…Thanks!

Angie B., Camas, WA

17) Lindsay, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my procedure. I appreciate you taking so much care and being so careful, kind and patient. I have to say I am thankful that you are picky so that my lips now look like a heart shape in the middle which I requested and they look perfectly even. I am also very happy with my eyeliner. Getting these two procedures done was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life.

Tammi, Battle Ground, WA

18) Lindsay’s philosophy is that permanent makeup is an art. She took time designing the correct shape of my eyebrows, lips and eyeliners to enhance my facial features. Using the permanent makeup procedures, she arched my eyebrows, enhanced the fullness of my lips, and defined my eyes.

She took years off my face.

Brenda J., Tigard, OR

19)  I went to Lindsay for many years to get my nails done. At first, I was a little skeptical about permanent makeup, so she did my eyebrow first. They looked incredible. I had friends often telling me how perfect my eyebrows were. For the ones I shared my little beauty secret with, they were shocked that it was permanent makeup and commented on how natural they looked.

Next, I started to notice that my lips were thinning. I think this happens in your mid forties. Anyway, after having been so pleased with my brows, I had Lindsay fix my lips. I wasn’t looking for bold color, I just wanted definition back. That is exactly what I got. Now all I need to use is lip gloss. I can see where my lips start and end now. Life is hectic and complicated enough as it is without having to spend so much time on makeup. Now, I have the beautiful look I want and at the same time, my life is simplified. I can’t ask for more.

Victoria R., Portland, OR

20) I had my eyeliner done by Lindsay. I am extremely happy with the outcome. It is so convenient and they look great! Lindsay is very talented and fantastic at what she does. She is an expert at keeping the procedure as pain free as possible and keeping you calm and relaxed.

I would not hesitate to recommended anyone to Lindsay!

Racheal S., Camas, OR

21) Lindsay: Not only did you correct the length and fullness of my brows, but you matched the color of my brows with my hair. I consider the work you did on my brows a complete eyebrows make-over not a touchup! It has been ten days now and I am so happy with them.

I have received compliments daily from the people who had seen them previously.

Cecilia D., Portland, OR

22) The permanent eyeliner application by Lindsay has undeniably enhanced my quality of life. I have a very busy schedule and the permanent makeup saves me so much time in the morning. I don’t have to reapply my eye makeup due to eye watering or oily skin. Also, Lindsay is very meticulous with her work and my eyeliner are perfect! My eyes always look bright and refreshed, regardless of having just worked out, taken a shower or woken up early.

My only regret is that I didn’t have it done sooner.

Angela B., Portland OR


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